Wilmington Waves Complete


Design, fabrication, and installation by artists Didier and Hess

Materials: stainless steel rod and hardware, LED programmable lights and anchors, electronics

Three bridges, Dimensions: 15′ x 100′ each.

Location: Wilmington Waterfront Park

Commissioned by: Port of Los Angeles, Wilmington, CA

Tensile interactive light sculptures on three pedestrian bridges that bring a luminescent tide to the Wilmington Waterfront Park. Imitating the rare effect seen along the shore at night when phosphorescent plankton illuminate breaking waves, these light assemblies each contain a rope of programmable LEDs secured to rods attached directly to the base of each bridge and held in tension with cables, allowing them to be strong but quiver with the wind. The system synchronizes its pulsing display to real-time tidal information in the nearby port.