Gateway to Los Angeles


Gateway to Los Angeles


Steel, aluminum, LEDs, electronics, concrete, stainless steel cablenet

Pergolas across two bridges: Los Angeles Street and Main Street, spanning the 101 Freeway in downtown Los Angeles 100′ feet each

Commissioned by the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and CalTrans

The gateway grows the visual language of highway infrastructure into an organic form at the scale of natural phenomenon. Aluminum “nodes” embedded with LEDs fixed to the canopy illuminate at night reviewing data collected of the daily vibrations along the bridge.

Collaboration with Oliver Hess and Ned Kahn

Images by Oliver Hess

Here There Be Monsters

Here There Be Monsters


Materials: bamboo, rainwater, submersible pumps, electronics.

50′ x 45′ x 20′

Commissioned by: Materials & Applications

Rainwater captured from the roof of M&A’s building created a pond inhabited by “invisible creatures” — a unique and subtly responsive submerged system of jets that responded to the motions and gestures of visitors. A hyperboloid-shaped bamboo foot bridge spanned the aquatic habitat.

Collaboration with Oliver Hess, bridge by workshopLEVITAS






copper wire, PETG, strobes, lamps, steel frame and anchors, electronics, environmental sensors. 15′ x 40′ x 30′

Commissioned by: Art Center School of Design, Pasadena, CA for the Vitra Design OPEN HOUSE exhibition

Networked nodes changed frequency of strobing according to air quality measurements. The nodes attached to the woven copper cables supplying power and structure to the piece. Mounted over the “smoker’s door”, LEDs “lit up” whenever smoke was detected.

Collaboration with Oliver Hess and Marcos Lutyens

Images by Mayoral Photo